Hello everyone! In this category you will find features and opinion pieces about Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, AI, and everything related. We will discuss the impact that Artificial Intelligence has on our everyday life and how we can make the most out of it. We will discuss current trends in the industry, and even try to guess what the future holds. The blog posts you will find in this category are a little less technical, but, in my opinion, among the most interesting ones. So please, share your opinion and your point of view on any one of these issues.  I love to get the discussion going! And if you have a request for specific features or opinion pieces, tell us about it!


Machine Learning with Keras and TensorFlow

We looked at PyTorch vs TensorFlow in depth. But what exactly is the difference between Keras and TensorFlow? And how do you implement Machine Learning projects in Keras and TensorFlow?


PyTorch vs TensorFlow in 2022

TensorFlow and PyTorch are two widely used frameworks for Deep Learning. But how to choose? Which performs better in which situation? Let’s see PyTorch vs TensorFlow in action!

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Best Framework for Deep Learning

There are many Deep Learning frameworks out there. But which one is the best framework for Deep Learning? Opinions vary on the matter, so let’s try to see a bit clearer.

My Journey Towards Natural Language Processing

You might be wondering if Natural Language Processing is the right path for you. I decided to share my journey and what drove me towards Natural Language Processing to help others who might be in doubt.